How Can Roz Miller Offer Such High Prizes?

It's fairly simple really. By having high expectations of myself and others that I have the pleasure of working with. Trust and honesty are key to any online exchange of information so that is a foundation I stand on. I would like to give everyone an opportunity to understand how I keep my word and include all details and disclaimers on our sign up pages. If you want to build your own similar tournament system now would be the time to take notes.

So? How can he claim to offer $1,000?

You are right to be wary of online claims in most if not all situations. I am not claiming to be some great hero or some big deal. I'm not even claiming that my events will move your career in any direction. What I am guaranteeing is some insight for you and potential for major exposure if you make it far in our events. I'm not even guaranteeing that anyone will get the full $1,000. I always like to make sure everyone knows that the prize and advertising standards are modeled based on our projected goal. so lets say our projected goal is 1,000 creators battling for $1,000. Each creator would throw $3 into the pot. (simplified) We raised $3,000 for the tournament. $1,000 (33%) of that goes to the champion and $2,000 (66%) goes to advertising the entire 999 battles and paying creators for the votes that they were able to earn and the views they get on their victory videos.
View the chart below to get a better idea how this mock tournament would be funded.

Entry FeeTournament Ads 66%1st Place Prize 33%

But what if you don't get 1,000 creators to join with their $3?

That is anticipated so for that reason we make sure to let everyone know that the prize and advertising budget is based on how many creators we get to put their $3 into the pot. so if we get half of the Projected Goal then the prizes and advertising will be halved. View the chart below to get a better understanding.

CreatorsEntry FeeTotal RaisedAds 66%Prize 33%

So you PAY people for "Victory Videos" ... What's that and how does it work?

Victory videos and vote payouts fall under the advertising budget where a portion is allocated specifically for those payouts. $0.01/10 views on Victory Videos and $0.05/Vote on your battles. Victory battles are video ads created to promote the victory after defeating an opponent in battle. These are made free for any creator making it passed a certain point in their tournament or when requested by a creator in earlier battles sometimes requiring a fee if volume is high. View the chart below to see how you make a little money on the side of your battles to withdraw or enter into contests with.

Victory Battle ViewsVotes$0.01/10 Views$0.05/VoteTotal

What's the cache?

That's it! I can't give any prizes if people don't enter the contests by sponsorship or by paying their entry fees. What I take in payment is the opportunity to work with so many great artists and hopefully helping them gain more exposure than they ever could have gotten if they hadn't put their money with everyone around them. I want to help great creators stand out and build a platform for them to compare their growth and talent with who they are competing with in or out of the events whether they join or not. I'm a fellow artist but my paintbrush is numbers. The vision for these projects are ambitious and the presence is growing. I thank everyone who read this far into all of this. I wish you luck in the events and if anything is ever needed to be cleared up just message me using the buttons below.

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